EB-5 Business Plan

What is an EB-5 Visa?

The EB5 Direct Investment Visa is an excellent option for those investors seeking relocation to the United States because it culminates in the obtention of a green card and lawful permanent U.S. residency for the entrepreneurs and their spouses and unmarried children under 21.

To successfully apply, you must present an EB5 Direct Investment Business Plan providing evidence that your commercial endeavor will create 10 U.S. -based jobs over the next two years, preserve and maintain those jobs and that you will invest at least $1 million or a minimum of $500.000 if you intent to invest in a “targeted employment area” (a geographic location outside major metropolitan area).

In addition, the business plan must be thoroughly “Matter of Ho” compliant. It means that your business plan must be able to convince the USCIS officer that the business you are investing in is good enough to warrant granting you an immigration visa. Your EB5 business plan must be “a comprehensive, detailed and credible business plan demonstrating the job creation and potential of the new commercial enterprise.”

This is where the expertise of our highly-qualified team comes into play. Writing a business plan Matter of Ho compliant is a delicate and precise matter. It should answer the fundamental question: what is the investment proposal and is it a good fit for EB-5? The writer should understand investor and USCIS requirements for an EB-5 offering and present relevant information accordingly. To be credible, the plan must pay attention to detail, strive for accuracy and consistency and cite strong data sources. Furthermore, it is not enough to just assert that jobs will be created, the plan must detail how, when, where and why this will occur, and show that the jobs meet applicable EB-5 qualifying requirements.