L1 Business Plan

What is an L1 Visa?

Whom does it fit?

  • Are you a manager, executive, or a person with “specialized knowledge” employed by a foreign business entity?
  • Have you been working abroad for at least one continuous year within the past 3 years?
  • Is your company abroad related to the US business you will establish?
  • Will you be coming to the US to open a new office location for your company?

An L-1 visa application involving a transfer to a newly established business in the U.S. must be backed up by a Business Plan. This Business Plan has specific requirements which make it different from any other business plan. This is where the qualification of our specialists is critical for the success of your application.

Highlights of the L1 Business Plan:

  • Executive Summary
  • Company description
  • Qualifying relationship
  • Market analysis
  • Marketing and sales strategies
  • Detailed job description
  • Organizational charts for the U.S. and foreign entities
  • 5-years personnel plans
  • 5-years financial plans

There are two types of L1 visas: the L1A for managers and executives and the L1B for specialized knowledge professionals.

L1A: transferring manager or executive to domestic office. The definition is not totally clear and a lot is left to the decision of the USCIS officer reviewing the file. This is why you want the business plan written in a way that strongly support your L1 visa.

L1B: specialized knowledge worker. An educational background is not enough to support the application. The petitioner must also demonstrate that his unique work experience is critical for the ongoing operations of the company.