Need a Visa targeted Business Plan? your existing Business Plan isn’t the answer

When starting the process of relocating to the US, most business visa types such as L1 and E2 require a business plan to be added to the official application documents. As a growing business, you probably have one, recently submitted to your investors, bank or used internally to guide management. However, sending this plan to your visa lawyer is not going to fill the need. The business plan for visa purposes must address the US immigration requirements.

Few key points must be addressed when creating such a plan:

  • The US immigration authorities, aka USCIS, are not an investor: most of the argumentation used to attract investment is simply irrelevant and will not get you the sought-after visa. The USCIS look for different criteria with different focus on contributing to the growth of the US economy.
  • The top concern of the application evaluators is not to waste their visa quota: each year there is a limited number of visa applications approved, and they are expected to achieve optimal allocation
  • Their key target is the growth of US economy, and especially the employment level. Simply stating that the business will be conducted in the US and therefore adds to the economy isn’t enough
  • Stability is another concern, and in their evaluation process the risk of allocating a visa to a soon to be abandoned business is taken very seriously and reviewed thoroughly

It is therefore recommended to create a modified version of the plan, in which these concerns and focus points are fully covered and will eventually serve as an effective part of the overall application. Globilize specializes in creating such a version to fit the exact needs and requirements of the USCIS to make sure the submitted plan maximizes the chance of having the visa petition approved.

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